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My friend came to me 
With sadness in his eyes 
Told me that he wanted help 
Before his country dies...

      Bangladesh- George Harrison

     Luxor, Egypt  2017

After hearing George Harrison's song, I left the US en-route east to ease the plight of the dying in Bangladesh. I spent over a decade in the Indian Subcontinent and later joined forces with Mother Teresa in the early days of her work in Calcutta.


While living for many years in the developing world and immersing myself in their unique cultures was an enriching experience, I found that the people of these lands had an even greater gift to offer me. Their gentleness and kindness brought me profound inner healing, and transformed me as a human being.  


My books reflect my impressions of the countries I lived in, how I integrated myself in the culture, and the ways in which each land and peoples had an effect on me as a person. I will be publishing a book about my time in Egypt, along with a companion poetry book, written while there at the beginning of 2018. I am planning on publishing a book about my exploits on the road to Bangladesh and lessons learned while working with Mother Teresa, shortly thereafter.